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20 December 2021
Abi Hardiman

2022 Trend Alert: 5 Small Bathroom Designs

Everyone wants their small bathroom design to make an impact - so what are the biggest and best trends for 2022? From first homes to forever homes, we take a look at the latest bathroom trends in small bathrooms like yours to inspire your next bathroom transformation.

1. Be Inspired by Nature🌱

Simple and effective, what’s not to love about nature in the bathroom? 

Organic and unrefined, nothing uplifts a small bathroom design quite like nature. Encouraging a positive mindset from the moment you step inside; it’s no wonder natural bathroom ideas are the leading bathroom trend for 2022. Whether it’s Japandi, Scandi or a simple scheme scattered with potted plants, every natural bathroom idea is different, but one thing’s for certain - they’re all as beautiful as each other. 

Looking to finish your natural bathroom idea with a touch of sophistication? Uncover the impact of a Brushed Brass finish with our brassware and accessories, like @thenewfrontwall has used here to create a stylishly indulgent look to complement any organic colour palette.

📷: @thenewfrontwall

2. Time to Shine with Terrazzo🌟

You guessed it! It’s all about natural bathroom ideas for 2022, which puts Terrazzo on many people’s bathroom wishlist's right now. 

What’s so special about Terrazzo? Smooth and polished, Terrazzo features chips of marble or granite in concrete for a beautifully distinctive look. Want the look for less? Opt for faux Terrazzo as a cheaper alternative to get this trending bathroom idea on a budget. 

Want the wow factor? Showing the power of Terrazzo in small bathroom design, @eclectic_scandi’s standout space has been perfectly paired with a wall hung basin and Hoxton tap in Matt Black for a space-saving small contemporary bathroom that's guaranteed to impress.

📷: @eclectic_scandi

3. Make it Yours with Marble🤍

Tying together our obsession with nature and the need for personalisation, why wouldn't you want a marble bathroom? 

Fresh and flawless, getting this bathroom idea on a budget couldn't be easier. With no two patterns the same, porcelain tiles mimic the look and feel of marble for a similar look at a fraction of the cost. Think marble can't be used within small bathroom designs? Think again! Take a look at how this latest bathroom trend adds a personal touch in @homes_and's stunning bathroom for the perfect place to unwind.

Decided on your brassware finish? Whether it’s Chrome, Brushed Brass or Matt Black, marble’s incredible versatility lets you create the small contemporary bathroom of your dreams without having to compromise on style.

📷: @homes_and

4. Back to Basics with Minimalism🛁

Bigger and better for 2022, minimalism is here to stay with extreme minimalism making its way onto our list of the latest bathroom trends. 

Scaling down extravagance and stripping back excessive decor, minimalist bathrooms go right back to the basics. Our top tip? Pops of colour. With all eyes on brassware, why not choose a finish you’ll love? Go subtle with Chrome or create an impact in your small bathroom design with Brushed Brass or Matt Black - the choice is yours!

Want to perfect this bathroom trend on a budget? Don’t forget to add some home comforts like @homes_and has done using flowers and modern accessories to balance minimalism and warmth for a small contemporary bathroom you'll never want to leave.

📷: @homes_and

5. Recreate Ultimate Spa Bliss✨

Comfort, indulgence and relaxation - think complete utopia for the home. Forget the days of expensive and extravagant spa bathrooms, it’s all about bringing an affordable spa-like feel that suits your needs. 

Dreaming of a spa bathroom idea on a budget? Radiate positivity in your small bathroom design with soothing blue tiles for the perfect place to switch off. Remember to reduce clutter and maximise space for a small bathroom design that helps clear the mind. Stylishly combining our Shoreditch Frame furniture basin and stand and our Hoxton tap in Matt Black, this self-care haven by @sceltointeriors is simply stunning!

Don’t forget those all-important finishing touches, including hints of greenery for a small contemporary bathroom with big spa vibes. 

📷: @sceltointeriors

Inspired by these small bathroom designs for 2022? Find your local retailer here to bring the look to your home. Don't forget to tag us in your new bathroom reno on Instagram @BrittonBathrooms for a chance to be featured!