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Britton brings you a wide range of bath designs, shapes and sizes to suit your bathroom perfectly. There are 47 models across all designs, all made in one exclusive

high-strength Cleargreen format, with the most popular shapes also available in our more affordable Clearline format.


All of our baths utilise high quality materials throughout including:

• Only 5mm LUCITE™ acrylic sheet for the bath moulding, a leading material which is naturally slip-resistant.

• Floor-mounted leg fixings which provide a stable base and are adjustable to cope with uneven floors.

• A strong baseboard made of recycled material which is fully encapsulated into the bath.

• All British and European performance standards when installed in line with our instructions.



We classify our baths into their design styles.

• Single ended baths have the backrest at one end and the taps opposite.

• Double ended baths have a backrest at both ends with the taps in the centre of the long side.

• Showering baths are designed to give a bigger space at the tap end to give freedom of movement whilst showering.

These are available in right hand and left hand.

• Unique baths - The Nouveau freestanding and the Saturn back to wall bath,

both designed for those wanting a real showstopper in their bathroom.



We design all our baths to maximise comfort while in use. Our bath rims are designed to be narrower than other producers, to maximise internal

space while retaining a smaller footprint.



Our Clearline baths are available in our most popular models; Sustain,
Verde, Viride and EcoRound.


Our Cleargreen baths are available in over 47 models as single ended, double ended
and showering baths to suit your bathroom installation.