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Stunning Solutions For Small Bathroom Spaces

Bathroom Design, Inspiration, cloakroom
Whether you’re creating a cloakroom or a small ensuite, small bathrooms require a lot of consideration to create the cosy, refreshing space you desire. We’ve pulled together our favourite small space solutions with products perfect for saving space. ...

The Latest Beautiful Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
Are you looking for that beautiful spark to create the modern bathroom design you’ve always dreamt of? Check out these inspiring designs and get planning your new bathroom. ...

Top 3 Bathroom Storage Solutions to Improve Your Modern Home Interior

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
You never realise quite how much you need to store in a bathroom until you don’t have adequate storage space. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top three bathroom storage solutions that create the perfect modern interior. ...
Elevate your modern bathroom with the stunning features of a countertop basin.

Get Creative with a Countertop Basin

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
Offering endless design possibilities and promoting a luxurious atmosphere, a worktop and countertop basin combo is the way to go when looking for an untra-modern, trendy bathroom design. Head on in for some stunning inspo. ...

Hackney Furniture: Customise Your Bathroom Storage

Buying Guide
Looking for modern bathroom furniture that perfectly fits your space and it tailored to your needs and style preferences? Discover how to use the Hackney modular furniture range to create your unique bathroom storage. ...

Modular Furniture: What's The Hype?

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design
Modular furniture is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. So, what is it, why are people loving it, and how can you incorporate it into your modern bathroom design? ...
Camberwell Unit with Basin in Dusty Blue

Create A Bathroom Design That Cleanses Body, Soul and Mind

Bathroom Design
Our surroundings play a bit part in our mood and energy. And the colour of your bathroom design can impact your mindset while you embrace that all important quiet time. Discover how to bring the right colours into your modern bathroom to benefit the mind, body and soul. ...
Chrome brassware incorporated with a pastel pink coloured bathroom

Incorporating Brassware into Your Colourful Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
Are you looking for colourful bathroom ideas? Colour doesn't just stop at your walls, you can bring colour into your bathroom design through your brassware. Discover how our brassware range can be incorporated in any colourful bathroom design. ...
Bathroom style | For natural bathroom designs for small a small bathroom, discover these 4 favourite looks.

4 Bathroom Styles Inspired by Nature

Ready to be a trend-setter with your bathroom style? Discover 4 natural bathroom designs to make the best of every space. From charming modern cloakrooms to stunning family bathrooms, uplift your small bathroom style with an injection of nature for your space. Check out our top 4 designs to bring your bathroom to life ...
Small Bathroom Designs | Incorporate the latest trends into these stylish bathrooms ready to bring wellbeing to your home

Top 4 Small Bathroom Designs for Wellbeing

Small bathroom designs, BIG wellness vibes. It's time to celebrate wellness the right way with our top 4 bathroom schemes to bring wellbeing to your home. Specially designed for smaller spaces, we've condensed the luxe look into these extraordinary small bathroom designs for spaces entirely dedicated to wellness. So sit back, relax and explore our 4 favourite styles to take wellness to new heights in your home ...
Small bathroom layout | Discover the perfect small wash basin to bring a contemporary design to your space.

Choosing Ceramics for your Small Bathroom Layout

Buying Guide
Looking for the perfect wash basin and toilet? Find the right ceramics for you with our helpful ceramics guide. With stunning designs to suit every small bathroom layout, transforming your space has never been easier. Whether it's practical designs for family bathrooms or compact styles for cloakroom, discover your dreamy ceramic duo in a few, simple clicks ...
Gold Bathroom Accessories | Inspire a sophisticated small modern bathroom design with our full range of Brushed Brass accessories

Get the Trend: Gold Bathroom Accessories

Want a bathroom with WOW factor? Enter gold bathroom accessories. Whether you're injecting this lustrous colour into your small modern bathroom idea or adding luxury to your master suite, welcoming an on-trend look to your contemporary bathroom suite has never easier than with gold visuals. Ready to make a statement in 2022? Find out how to bring the look of gold to every area of your modern bathroom idea on a budget ...