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Bathroom style | For natural bathroom designs for small a small bathroom, discover these 4 favourite looks.

4 Bathroom Styles Inspired by Nature

Ready to be a trend-setter with your bathroom style? Discover 4 natural bathroom designs to make the best of every space. From charming modern cloakrooms to stunning family bathrooms, uplift your small bathroom style with an injection of nature for your space. Check out our top 4 designs to bring your bathroom to life ...

Bold & Colourful Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Accessories, Colour Palette
There are various ways of incorporating colour in the bathroom, form floors and walls to furniture and accessories. If you’re considering adding a splash of colour or taking a bold leap, there are plenty of ways colour can bring your bathing space to life ...

Space-saving Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, cloakroom, Accessories, Colour Palette
Planning your new bathroom? Space-saving design is at the forefront of our minds when we search for product, with Britton aiming to provide contemporary bathroom solutions for all bathrooms. We have some great tips for saving space and creating the illusion of a larger room ...
Bathroom Trends for 2020

How To Keep Your Bathroom on Trend Through 2020

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration
If you're looking for inspiration, this blog is the perfect place to start. Our bathroom experts will walk you through all the top trends for 2020 and how to make sure your bathroom design stays timeless... ...
Black Taps for Contemporary Bathroom

How To Introduce Contemporary Black Brassware into Bathrooms

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Black Ceramics
If you're looking to create an ultra contemporary bathroom with little effort, black brassware is definitely the way to go. Discover our Hoxton matt black brassware and the many ways you can style it to suit your bathroom scheme ...
Shoreditch Collection | Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Accessories, Colour Palette
Redecorating? Discover our tips for creating an on-trend bathroom whilst ensuring you have more than enough stylish storage space. In this blog, you'll find everything from advise on opening up your bathroom space with clever storage, to the subtle storage essentials you need to tie your colour scheme together ...

Things to Consider When Planning a Bathroom

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Colour Palette, Milan, Frame
Whether you're creating a stylish sanctuary or a statement bathroom scheme, there are many important factors to take into consideration before getting started on your bathroom renovation. As one of the most used areas in the house it is also the room that endures the most wear and tear, which is why it is crucial to plan your bathroom with your living habits and daily routines in mind. ...

Monochrome Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Monochrome, Accessories
Monochrome is simple, stylish and timeless. It’s a trend that will look good in all bathroom interiors and won’t need an update in a few seasons time when the colour trends start to shift. The classic contrast of black and white works beautifully with both understated and bold accompanying palettes to give spaces a refined, designer aesthetic. ...

How to Design the Perfect Cloakroom

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, myhome, cloakroom
When it comes to designing your cloakroom you may think that because they are smaller rooms they require less planning. In fact, the cloakroom can be one of the more difficult areas to design well in your home due to the limited space and tricky layouts. As a smaller space, it is essential to take time and consideration when choosing your furniture, basin and WC, not to mention all the other important details such as lighting and any additional décor details. ...