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09 September 2022

4 Bathroom Styles Inspired by Nature

Want a bathroom that nurtures? Choose nature. From subtle touches through to statement finishes, welcome a sophisticated flair to your space by bringing the outside, inside. From modern cloakroom suites to family-friendly natural bathrooms, check out our top 4 bathroom styles that get creative with nature-inspired designs.🌱

Bathroom style | Bring zen to the whole family with a design for a small bathroom that oozes wellness.

1. Soulful Style🌅

When life gets too much, take a moment, or an hour, with a soulful bathroom style that's dedicated to all things serene.💙 Check out this ocean-inspired haven, complete with blue mermaid tiles, natural stone backdrops and raw materials for a space that sheds light on the best a natural bathroom has to offer.🌊 Topped off with incredible space-saving additions, including our Dalston furniture for extra storage and Sphere wall-hung toilet to maximise on floor space, here's a modern family bathroom ready to inspire your daily dose of wellbeing.

Bathroom style | Think neutrals for a natural bathroom that calms and captivates

2. Nifty Neutrals🤍

Dreaming of a bathroom style that oozes wellness? Transform dreams into reality with this ultra modern family bathroom.✨ A advocate of relaxation, our Verde bath steals the show with the perfect space to center thoughts, ground feelings and inspire every day wellness rituals.🧼 Finished with soft neutrals, natural touches and stylish decor, this design for a small bathroom really packs an indulgent punch. Ready to wave hello to a new level of spa-like appeal? This neutral-natural bathroom style has got you covered.

Bathroom style | For a modern cloakroom suite that brings plenty of style, consider a natural bathroom design

3. Glorious Greens🍀

Feeling lucky? You will be with this stunning modern cloakroom suite.💚 Dreamy and entirely delightful, this bathroom style has perfected the nature-inspired memo. Paired with lavish green tiling, our Curve2 ceramics sit pretty with bold and rounded profiles to give this natural bathroom the ultra contemporary edge it deserves. Drawing on this further with funky floral wallpaper and hints of Brushed Brass, this chic design for a small bathroom brings big welless vibes for every guest.🌱

Bathroom style | Discover a modern family bathroom that really packs a punch with nature

4. Balanced Blues⚖

Does anything say cool, calm and collected like this bathroom style?🛁 Drawing eyes central, our Shoreditch wall hung furniture distracts from corners with an oceanic Matt Blue to allow this nature-inspired scheme to flourish. Doubled up with our functional EcoRound showering bath for seamless cleansing rituals, here's a modern family bathroom with stylish practicality to suit the whole family. Finished with charming neutrals for a wholesome space, isn't this a bathroom style worth every obsession?🤍


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