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Things to Consider When Planning a Bathroom

Whether you're creating a stylish sanctuary or a statement bathroom scheme, there are many important factors to take into consideration before getting started on your bathroom renovation. As one of the most used areas in the house it is also the room that endures the most wear and tear, which is why it is crucial to plan your bathroom with your living habits and daily routines in mind. The bathroom should be a place in which you can feel at peace as well as a space that meets all of your practical needs. To help you with any upcoming bathroom transformation projects, we have put together a list of important factors homeowners should consider when embarking on their renovation journey.  


Start with choosing your bathroom style and colour palette

One of the most important things to consider and a natural starting point is choosing what style you want to go for in your new bathroom. To feel at your best, you should give careful thought to how you are going to renovate the space. Whether you’re searching through magazines or scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, there are so many different designs and ideas to choose from and it can be tricky to pick a scheme that fits your individual style.

Once you have an idea of where you want to go with your bathroom you can then pick the colours you like. This will provide you with a great foundation for the overall design of the room. Whether it’s mixing neutrals to create a calming sanctuary or going for bright, bold colours for a statement scheme, there are a whole host of colour combinations you can choose from to create your dream bathroom. We particularly love the way our Frame furniture works beautifully with dark colour palettes and the occasional pop of yellow. The contrast of colours adds an eye-popping statement and is certain to wow any guests as soon as they step through the door. 


Understand the flooring and space available

It is fundamental to know exactly how much space you have to work with. Even compact bathrooms can be turned into harmonious retreats with careful planning. If your bathroom is small, it is important to avoid over-crowding with too much furniture. In this case, opting for cloakroom or wall-hung designs will help to meet all your practical needs whilst creating an open and stylish aesthetic. Our Milan collection is the perfect option for smaller bathrooms - the compact design of the ceramics means that you can avoid taking up too much room without compromising on style. 

When it comes to family sized bathrooms, you will have more space to play around with. If you have the room, it is recommended to install twin basins, as this will help with the busy morning rushes and will fill out the extra space making the room appear more homely. 


Don’t forget about lighting

Although it may not seem like a key design element when it comes to decorating your bathroom, lighting is in fact one of the most important aspects to consider. Before you start investing in new lighting, it is crucial to think about two things: how much natural light there is and the times of day that you will be using the bathroom. Think about the ambience you want to create and the features you would like to draw attention to. Light can also be infiltrated by the reflections in your mirrors, positioning your mirrors adjacent to your windows can help to create a more open feeling as well as help the light travel further around the room. Our Hoxton mirrors work beautifully in any space; the circular shape of the mirror adds a soft appeal and contrasts beautifully with any style colour scheme. 


We hope these tips have helped you on your way to planning your perfect bathroom! Don’t forget to share and tag Britton on social media in any bathroom transformations so that we can see the final result!