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Stunning Solutions For Small Bathroom Spaces

Bathroom Design, Inspiration, cloakroom
Whether you’re creating a cloakroom or a small ensuite, small bathrooms require a lot of consideration to create the cosy, refreshing space you desire. We’ve pulled together our favourite small space solutions with products perfect for saving space. ...

The Latest Beautiful Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
Are you looking for that beautiful spark to create the modern bathroom design you’ve always dreamt of? Check out these inspiring designs and get planning your new bathroom. ...

Top 3 Bathroom Storage Solutions to Improve Your Modern Home Interior

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
You never realise quite how much you need to store in a bathroom until you don’t have adequate storage space. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top three bathroom storage solutions that create the perfect modern interior. ...
Elevate your modern bathroom with the stunning features of a countertop basin.

Get Creative with a Countertop Basin

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
Offering endless design possibilities and promoting a luxurious atmosphere, a worktop and countertop basin combo is the way to go when looking for an untra-modern, trendy bathroom design. Head on in for some stunning inspo. ...

Modular Furniture: What's The Hype?

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design
Modular furniture is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. So, what is it, why are people loving it, and how can you incorporate it into your modern bathroom design? ...
Camberwell Unit with Basin in Dusty Blue

Create A Bathroom Design That Cleanses Body, Soul and Mind

Bathroom Design
Our surroundings play a bit part in our mood and energy. And the colour of your bathroom design can impact your mindset while you embrace that all important quiet time. Discover how to bring the right colours into your modern bathroom to benefit the mind, body and soul. ...
Chrome brassware incorporated with a pastel pink coloured bathroom

Incorporating Brassware into Your Colourful Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design, Inspiration
Are you looking for colourful bathroom ideas? Colour doesn't just stop at your walls, you can bring colour into your bathroom design through your brassware. Discover how our brassware range can be incorporated in any colourful bathroom design. ...

Bold & Colourful Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Accessories, Colour Palette
There are various ways of incorporating colour in the bathroom, form floors and walls to furniture and accessories. If you’re considering adding a splash of colour or taking a bold leap, there are plenty of ways colour can bring your bathing space to life ...

Space-saving Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, cloakroom, Accessories, Colour Palette
Planning your new bathroom? Space-saving design is at the forefront of our minds when we search for product, with Britton aiming to provide contemporary bathroom solutions for all bathrooms. We have some great tips for saving space and creating the illusion of a larger room ...
Bathroom Trends for 2020

How To Keep Your Bathroom on Trend Through 2020

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration
If you're looking for inspiration, this blog is the perfect place to start. Our bathroom experts will walk you through all the top trends for 2020 and how to make sure your bathroom design stays timeless... ...
Black Taps for Contemporary Bathroom

How To Introduce Contemporary Black Brassware into Bathrooms

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Black Ceramics
If you're looking to create an ultra contemporary bathroom with little effort, black brassware is definitely the way to go. Discover our Hoxton matt black brassware and the many ways you can style it to suit your bathroom scheme ...
Shoreditch Collection | Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Design, Inspiration, Accessories, Colour Palette
Redecorating? Discover our tips for creating an on-trend bathroom whilst ensuring you have more than enough stylish storage space. In this blog, you'll find everything from advise on opening up your bathroom space with clever storage, to the subtle storage essentials you need to tie your colour scheme together ...